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Carbon Negative Hemp Bedding

    Let’s set this straight. Cleaning your pets’ cage isn’t fun. As much as you love them, dumping out a pee-filled litter or scraping the soggy bedding from the bottom of their cage isn't something you look forward to doing weekly... I hope. We have quickly been able to relate to the dread that comes with cleaning rabbit cages. With all that being said, we have tried out some unique products that we believe makes litter changing and/or cage cleaning much easier and less discouraging.

    If your pet is litter trained you may notice that without having some type of litter at the bottom for the urine to be absorbed into, a smell can quickly occur. Not all products can be worth it though as they may not eliminate the smell and they can make cleaning the litter more complicated as paper bedding or hay may stick to the bottom of the litter after dumping. You may also notice that many products are not budget or eco-friendly.

    The one product we confidently recommend for the bottom of a litter is our shredded Hemp. This is the best product we have found that helps eliminate the smell of any odors your rabbit's waste may produce and is by far one of the best absorbents. Since the hemp is shredded into flakes, you will find very little product sticks to the bottom of the litter when dumping as long as it is changed on a frequent basis (once every 1-3 days). You will also find that our 12lb bag will easily last you more than 1 month if used as suggested. The amount being used can always be adjusted to your preference. We also love using hemp because it is 100% natural meaning it's 100% compostable in 3 months!

    What’s so great about hemp other than it being the ideal substance for your litter? Well get ready to hear the nerdy stuff about our favorite product... It’s a CO2 negative material! This means that it stores more carbon dioxide than it emits, making it super environmentally friendly and can be considered better for the environment than its competitor cotton. Hemp also thrives in a wider range of climates! While most crops don’t tend to do well in dry, hot spells of weather, Hemp thrives! It actually uses significantly less water than cotton seeing as it only requires 4.23 Liters of water to produce hemp while 57.1 liters are required for cotton. Not only does it require less water, but less land is needed to grow hemp as the plant grows close together! Per square meter, hemp yields 1200-2000 kilos of fiber, while cotton only yields about 300-1100 kilos.

Now obviously one of the first questions on your mind is probably Is hemp marijuana? The scientific answer would be yes, though the law would say no! The biggest difference between the two would be that the term “hemp” is used when the thc content in the plant is 0.3% or less when dried and weighed. This would mean that it is extremely unlikely that you can actually get high off of the plant. Even more so from our product seeing as our hemp shavings are a product of the plant stock, a common byproduct of many plants.

So now you know more about hemp! Are you convinced that it’s an amazing product yet?