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Bulk Pet Hay 7lbs (NOW HEAVIER)

Bulk Pet Hay 7lbs (NOW HEAVIER)

Bulk Pet Hay 7lbs (NOW HEAVIER)

Regular price $9.75

Pay 1/3 the price of store bought hay!

Hay is a very important part of rabbit, guinea pig, and chinchilla diets. This is why we felt it was important to provide an affordable and healthy alternative product. These pets should ideally always have access to clean hay as they will not over eat on it. 

Our meadow hay blend is great for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other rodents/small pets. It is primarily orchard and meadow grass with a small amount of timothy and other safe to eat wild grasses. This is a natural rich meadow mix packed with nutrients which gives a more healthy variety than straight timothy at a much better price. NO ALFALFA is in this mix. This hay is NOT sprayed. The fields are managed carefully to produce a nutrient rich product.


Since this is a natural mix of different healthy grasses, even the most picky pets love this product. It is very soft and easy to digest. Picky pets may begin to pick out their favorite grasses, and before you know it they're hooked and eating everything else in front of them.

We also offer full bales but for pickup only in West Montrose N0B2V0. Please contact us to schedule a time for pickup.