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Exterior Hay Feeder

Exterior Hay Feeder

Exterior Hay Feeder

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Save cage space and create a wonderful look with this large exterior hay feeder.

This exterior hay feeder mounts conveniently to the outside of your cage to save space and create a clean modern look. This product is made from solid aspen hardwood which is safe to chew in case your pet sneaks in a bite while free roaming.

This large feeder mounts to the top bar of your cage by the included hooks. Hay is pushed through the cage wires for easy foraging. Since your pet cannot chew this feeder through the cage it will last a very long time.

Outside dimensions:

13"wide  x  9.5"tall  x  3.75"deep

Inside dimensions (storage):

9.5"wide  x  9"tall  x  2.5"deep

Please measure the wire height on your cage to make sure this product will fit. Your cage must have at least 9" tall wire.